We're making a few changes to From the Farmer effective deliveries beginning Monday, May 16th and wanted to make sure you knew of a few of the most important changes! The below email was sent to all current subscribers on Saturday, May 7th and is copied here for your review - 

Good afternoon,

The middle part of this next week when you login to From the Farmer after resetting your password you'll experience what is the most meaningful change to the way we operate since we were founded five years ago. We’ve taken all that we’ve learned in our work with our farmers and artisan producers and paired that with honest and candid feedback many of you have shared with us to create a new shopping experience that we know you’ll love.

While there’s so much to share - from new products from awesome producers to greater flexibility with multiple delivery options each week - there are a few important changes I wanted to make sure you didn't miss -

We're changing our order deadlines - Any skips to your Farm Box and any orders for additional items from our three new stores - the Farmstand, Butcher Shop, and Provisions - must be made by by midnight three days before your delivery day (Saturday at midnight for Tuesday delivery and so on). To accommodate for this one-day shift in your deadline, you'll be able to shop our ‘marketplace’ six days prior your next delivery. You can also expect to receive your 'What’s Fresh' email with the contents of your Farm Box no later than four days prior your delivery day each week.

We’re replacing customization with build-your-own box - We heard from many of you that oftentimes ‘none of this but more of that’ still didn’t get you exactly what you wanted in your weekly delivery. So when your weekly Farm Box contains a few things you don’t want - simply skip your Farm Box that week and build the basket that’s right for you. So long as you select the same day you'd normally receive your Farm Box as your delivery day and spend over $29 you’ll never pay for delivery!

We're upgrading our Half Bushel - We know that our current Half Bushel is still sometimes a touch too big or too small for your needs. So - we’re changing things up a bit. Your Half Bushel will become two separate items - our Small Regional Farm Box and a super secret Half Bushel Upgrade which, when combined, will provide the 7-9 unique items each week you’ve come to expect with your current Half Bushel. Feeling a bit adventurous and want to try something new? Browse our newest bundles (available for one-time purchase or recurring delivery) of seasonal fruit, local mushrooms, or a 'kitchen restock' and build the From the Farmer experience that’s right for you.

We're upgrading our Single Bushel - The Single Bushel is still here… it’s just hiding in a new name - our Large Regional Farm Box! Looking for some change and feeling a bit adventurous? Browse our newest bundles (available for one-time purchase or recurring delivery) of seasonal fruit, local mushrooms, or a kitchen restock! 

We're upgrading our Double Bushel - We know that many of you would like more flexibility with your Double Bushel, so we’re changing things up a bit. Your Double Bushel will become two separate items - our Large Regional Farm Box ($45 / week) and our new Seasonal Fruit Medley ($10 / week) which, when combined, will provide the 9-11 unique items each week you’ve come to expect with your current Double Bushel. Looking for something different and not sure you need so much fruit? Take a look at some of our other great new bundles available to add one-time only or recurring weekly alongside your Large Regional Farm Box - the local spores bundle seems to be an early team favorite!

We could go on and on about all of the new features we’re introducing and the great products that the entire team has carefully selected to include in our new store but we’d both be here for days (and we'd hate to ruin all of the surprise now!). So, take a minute this weekend to read this list of ‘Common Questions’, create your new password when we email you to do so this next week, and have a look around! And, as always, if there’s anything I can do to make your From the Farmer experience better please don’t hesitate to reach out directly.

We’re excited to show you what we’ve built!

In the pursuit of freshness,


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