Here at From The Farmer, we believe that the food you eat, purchase, and share should be food you feel good about. So, we work hard to build relationships with farmers, ranchers, and purveyors so we can offer only the best produce, meat, and artisanal foods to you. 

Our Story

From The Farmer co-founders, Jason and Nick, attended the University of Denver where they were brought together due to their love of local foods and cooking. Starting in 2007, they created a student organization based upon their mutual love for the culinary arts.  Within a year, their organization had become one of the most known and adored organizations; feeding hundreds of students, faculty, and alumni at numerous events on and off campus. While at DU, they realized that they were destined to not only be life-long friends, but business partners. 

Out of an ambition to not work in the corporate world, they decided to create a company based upon one of their biggest passions - food - and how it brings people together.  Both knew that there were other big-box companies delivering brand-name groceries, but saw an opportunity to focus on just a few local purveyors who grew and created exceptional produce and provisions.

Thus, From The Farmer was born.

The idea is simple: deliver good food to good people. Know where your food comes from, eat healthy, support local economies - and bring back the joy of cooking and eating fresh food with friends and family.