Returning From the Farmer Customer?  Welcome Back!  We know what you are thinking- love the new site but how does this all work?  Where do I find information about what's coming in my Farm Box this week?  Do I still get a What's Fresh? 

In addition to the FAQ you can find here, below are the answers to questions you might be having.  If you have one not addressed please email us at fresh@fromthefarmer.  We are here to make this the easiest transition possible.

1. Do I have to build my own Farm Box now? Where to I see information about what I get in my subscription? 
No, we have auto-subscribed you to a Regional Farm Box (+ corresponding add-on bundle if needed) based on original subscription.  You can see our new Farm Box Subscriptions here.  
Each week you will get a What's Fresh that will allow you to click into the site to see what's coming in your box for the week!  Hang tight, it will be in your inbox soon! 

2. Do I still get a What's Fresh?  How will I know what is coming in my delivery this week? 
Yes, this email will be in your box the day before your midnight cut-off for shopping.   It has the same information but looks a little different.  You will now need to click "See What's In My Farm Box" to see what's in your delivery.  This allows us to update you "in real time" format, allowing you to check for changes right up to your delivery.