The below provides answers to some of the Common Questions you may have about the upgrades we're making to From the Farmer! 

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I remember the half, single, and double bushels - where’d they go?
Our beloved half, single, and double bushel options are still here! They’re just masquerading in new names and with, what we believe to be, new features that make building the best basket for you and your household even easier. Our half bushel customers are receiving our small Regional Farm Box with a super secret upgrade which gets them a couple more great items each week! Our single bushel customers are receiving our large Regional Farm Box. And, our double bushel customers are receiving our large Regional Farmbox and our small Fruit Bundle!

I’m no longer able to customize my Farm Box - why not?
We're customers just like you and also love being able to create our own From the Farmer experience. As we have expanded our store shelves we heard from many of you that you wanted more flexibility to not only get slightly less or more of one item but to skip a few items one week and add bread instead. This has made our previous customization option a little harder. While our team is pretty savvy and able to solve many of the complex challenges we face in bringing you the very best each and every week - a robust selection of items in our online store and customizable Farm Boxes caused strains on our farm partners and inconsistencies in the quality of our service. With the launch of a smaller Farm Box, new add on produce micro-bushels, and all of the great fruits and vegetables you’ve come to know available a la carte - we think we’ve developed an experience you will find as exploratory as our old customizable produce subscriptions (give our Farmer’s Market Best selection a try!) yet as convenient as you need to make eating great food from great producers a central part of your weekly routine.

What are the deadlines for skipping my Farm Box (and other add-ons) or placing an order to arrive alongside my Farm Box?
All skips to your recurring items and any orders to be delivered at the same time as your Farm Box must be placed by midnight three days prior your scheduled delivery day (Saturday at midnight for deliveries made Tuesday morning).

You said I can order other items without a delivery fee so long as it’s delivered at the same time as my Farm Box - how do I do this?
Easy! Just login to your From the Farmer account at - select the same delivery day as your Farm Box delivery day (it will be auto-selected for you so long as it’s an option based on when you’re shopping) and continue to checkout. We’ll pair this order with your Farm Box and make sure everything comes at one time (and, you’ll never pay a delivery fee for any order that you receive on the same day as your Farm Box delivery day!).

I need to skip my Farm Box or some of my additional subscriptions - how do I do this?
Just login to your account at and click the large button on the left side of your account page which says ‘manage my subscriptions’ and click skip on any product for any week! If you’re going to be out of town and have multiple add-ons to your Farm Box - make sure you ‘skip’ each line item. Need help? Email us at and we’ll get back to you right away. Keep in mind, any skips to your Farm Box or your add-on subscriptions must be done midnight three days prior your scheduled delivery day.

When am I charged for my Farm Box order?
Your Farm Box order (and any add-on subscriptions) will be charged two days prior your delivery day.

Do I need to create a new account?
Nope! We’ve moved your account to our new store for you! For your security, you will receive an email asking you to create a new password (we don’t store these in any way to move them to our new store) - if you’re trying to login for the first time and didn’t see this email - simply request a password reset on the login page to access your account.

I’m placing another order of non-recurring items - why do I need to enter my credit card again?
Requiring you to input your card for each order allows us to be certain you’re the only one able to authorize charges for non-recurring orders placed on your account. We’re continually working with our online service partners to make checking out easier and hope to add ‘saved credit card’ features for all orders soon!

When do I get my What's Fresh?
2. An email will be in your box the day before your midnight cut-off for shopping. It has the same information but looks a little different. You will now need to click "See What's In My Farm Box" to see what's in your delivery. You can also access this from your home page when you log-in to your account by clicking the box in the top left hand corner. This allows us to update you "in real time" format, allowing you to check for changes right up to your delivery.
How do I log-in?
2. You can log-in to your account at If you have not logged in yet to our new system we need you to reset your password. Please find the email that we sent you (subject line: Reset Your Password) to access your account in our new system.

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